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Landscaping Custom Heavy Duty Dollies

The needs of the landscaping industry are unique and at AZ Hand Trucks, we have custom dollies that are designed to transport the sort of loads that are typical within the landscaping business. Our dollies can safely and easily transport box trees, large boulders, and your supplies to complete a custom landscape design for any client.

Landscaping Load Transport

On those long hot summer days, give your hard workers a break by making their jobs easier with our custom hand trucks. There’s nothing like a little relief in transporting your heavy, bulky loads with our one-of-a-kind braking system to help ease the load. Fabricate your custom dolly specifically for your industry. Give us a try!

Landscaping Hand Truck / Tree Dolly / Cart

The landscaping industry has responded very well to our products because of the versatility and wide range of uses they are finding they can use our product for. All of our our models can be equipped with a hitch that works wonderfully with our Hauler. This combination turns your handtruck into a pull-cart that can used for transporting sandbags, concrete, bricks, generators, and just about anything else that you can pull on a cart. We’ve tried to cover all of the basis and make your company more efficient and also create a safer working environment for your and your employees.

This “new” model works well with appliances (note: the rubber protective strips), gravestones, safes, gun safes and any flat surface items that are cumbersome. Most folks/businesses/Municipalities cannot afford large expensive equipment to transport let alone have these heavy pieces of machinery on there lawns.

Whats the alternative?

AZHT’s has models that are relatively inexpensive compared to the machinery needed to transport your items. They are ergonomically friendly, come with brakes and have many applications in which they may be used at other times. AZHT are also made in America and by Veterans.

We offer 3 colors red, blue and yellow. If you would like it powder coated any other color that’s not a problem just ask and we can quote you a price.