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You can purchase 5 AZ Hand Trucks or more for the price of 1 motorized hand truck.

Just think, you can service 5 crews with 1,000 pound loads, choice of color, brakes, lifetime warranty.  Go to products and click on Standard AT.

Word on the street…a NEW company is coming soon.
They will only sell the biggest, most heavy duty hand trucks in town. 

And YES…motorized!

Stay tuned.

Flexible payment plans available upon request. Ask us about your options!

Your Idea

Just give us a call let us know what you have in mind …


We work out the details in designing the dolly specific to your needs …


Our lead fabricator has over 25 years in the industry and has served as General Manager and QC/Safety Manager …


AZ Hand Trucks, LLC builds with confidence and experience, you get guaranteed performance …


AZ Hand Trucks, LLC is proud to offer our customer financing on all of our Hand Trucks.

AZ Hand Truck Dolly Line Up

Coming SOON!

The One and Only - Hand Dolly

Dear Valued Customers,
At AZ Hand Truck, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our latest innovation: the Super Duty Landscape Hand Truck. After extensive research and countless conversations with professionals in the landscaping industry, we recognized a need for a truly versatile and reliable tool that can tackle the toughest landscaping challenges with ease.
The SDLHT is not just an upgrade; it’s a game-changer. Building upon the success of our Rogue Plus and T2 Rogue Plus models, we’ve incorporated all the features you love, including brakes, tire and color choices, customization options, powder coating for durability, and snap locks & cargo straps. But that’s not all – we’ve taken it a step further.
With an impressive weight capacity of 2,500 pounds, our Super Duty Hand Truck can handle even the most demanding loads. Whether you’re transporting heavy materials or maneuvering a 36″ tree box, this hand truck is up to the task. It’s a true life changer for landscapers and outdoor professionals alike.
We understand the importance of reliability and efficiency in your line of work, which is why we’ve spared no expense in engineering and fabricating a hand truck that exceeds expectations. Our commitment to quality and innovation drives everything we do, and we’re confident that the SDLHT will become an indispensable tool in your arsenal.
As we prepare for the official release of the SDLHT we invite you to stay tuned for updates and exclusive offers. Join us as we revolutionize the landscaping industry together.
Thank you for your continued support and trust in AZ Hand Trucks.
The Hand Dolly is a versatile solution designed to serve various industries. It functions both as a heavy-duty hand truck and a dolly, offering multifunctionality to meet diverse needs.
Depending on the model, the Hand Dolly can handle either 1,000 lbs or 2,000 lbs.
It can transport a wide range of items, including sand, bricks, pallets, inflatables, chairs, tables, AC units, and more, all within the specified weight capacities.
The Hand Dolly is designed to fit through any standard 3-foot gate, making it ideal for landscapers, pool companies, and similar businesses.
It comes equipped with our T2/Kit and is available with either 2 tires (flat-free or air tires @ 1,000 lb capacity) or 4 tires (flat-free or air tires @ 2,000 lb capacity). Additionally, it includes 4, 3-foot rails for the dolly and a removable baseplate for transporting long materials such as pipes, AC units, safes, tables, and more.
We believe the Hand Dolly has the potential to become a staple in the hands of thousands across various industries, offering unparalleled durability and functionality.
See it under Products – Custom Creations

It has arrived!

The best Landscape Hand Truck ever! We will offer powder coating, tire options, base plate size (up to 36″ box tree), brakes, color options, logo placement options, Snap-Loc (2), cargo straps, and an unprecedented life-time warranty on the hand truck.

Just Released!


HEAVY DUTY DRUM TRUCK. i.e. drum hand truck, barrel truck, drum truck, barrel hand truck, 4-wheel drum truck, steel drum truck hit the industry today!  08/07/23.

Our multipurpose drum hand truck/hand truck is just that. It has all the capabilities of our current models plus adjustable locking options and horizontal cradle stabilizers. This beauty transports both metal and poly drums, as well as pails, buckets, and barrels.

Make the Move to Efficiency Reduce Risk to Employees & Property.

AZ Hand Trucks improve safety, reducing risk to workers and property and reduce staff costs. We are so reasonably priced, you’ll wonder how you functioned without us. To download, or print our brochure click here. Our commercial grade Heavy Duty dollies have a weight capacity ranging from 1,000 -2,000 pounds. No more uneven loads with our flat free tires. AZ Hand Trucks, LLC can customize your dolly in many ways. Our custom dollies come in four bright colors (red, yellow, blue, and green). Choose the size of base plate, tires (flat-free or pneumatic), or weight capacity. We have many accessories to choose from. Our hand grips are coated with a durable abrasion-resistant texture. This coating provides comfort in hot or cold conditions. AZ Hand Trucks, LLC offers a patent pending one-of-a-kind brake system that is positioned to give your staff maximum pulling advantage with ease. Throw away those wheel blocks, protect your toes and feet, and get rid of those costly extra staff members.

Unique one-of-a-kind braking systems (patent pending)

Simply revolutionary. Increase safety and reduce manhours with our custom hand trucks featuring a unique one-of-a-kind braking system. Our patent-pending system simply engages brake pads with the touch of your foot, giving the user total control of the load. AZ Hand Trucks offers a completely custom made hand truck built in the USA to your desired specifications. AZ Hand Trucks uses precision sealed bearings and high-quality tires (flat-free or air) for reliability. Choice of color, configuration, and tire size. We began fabricating custom hand trucks when we started our inflatable/party rental business – B.T. Bouncies, LLC. We found that it was difficult to put your foot on the tire and hold the dolly stable while attempting to pull back with a 1,000 pound inflatable loaded. It was frustrating at best. Once the idea of a simple brake system was conceived, we began fabricating our vision. Our brake system is truly one of a kind (patent pending)

Custom Creations • Forward Thinking • Industry Leading

Dolly Brake Systems

Choice of Base Models

Our Standard AT, T2/Standard AT, Rogue, T2/Rogue, Rogue Plus and T2/Rogue Plus have a weight capacity of 1,000 – 2,000 pounds and pricing ranges from $579-$1,144, depending upon the tires (flat-free or pneumatic), and customization you may have for your business and industry’s needs.


Multi-Tire Hand Trucks
Customized Hand Trucks

Choice of Base Plate Configuration

Since we fabricate each dolly to your unique specifications, we offer base plates for landscape use including tree boxes and heavy boulders. Movers of any product will find our custom hand trucks with brakes makes their job easier and safer. Logo placement is always great for advertising and a recognizable feature if stolen/misplaced. Our base plates are 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick and are precisely cut with our HD-Plasma machine.

Costom Paint Finishes
Red Dolly Finish

Choice of Tire Configuration

AZ Hand Trucks, LLC offers your choice of Marathon pneumatic or flat free tires – knobby or ribbed – to suit your needs. Marathon is America’s flat free tire leader. We can fabricate any dolly to meet your unique needs. Give us a call with your vision.


When it comes to buying a heavy-duty hand truck, AZ hand trucks is you’re #1 choice. Our ergonomically friendly design and patented foot brake system takes the stress off you and your employees while moving heavy loads making us the perfect choice for moving companies, landscapers, construction workers, inflatable rentals, and much more. Our custom designers have also made customized dollies for emergency responders utilizing the jaws of life. There’s limitless uses for our products and we pride ourselves on providing solutions for your business.

Ergonomically Friendly Hand Trucks

If you’re looking for a way to reduce workmen’s compensation claims within your business and you utilize a dolly or hand truck, we are the solution to your problem. We’ve had expert chiropractors observe employees using our product compared to our competitors and they have all unanimously agreed that our foot brake reduces stress on your body. Our products are the only ones on the market with the one and only foot brake system and while some others have tried to imitate our idea, none of them compare to the ours. Our professional engineering team has spent hundreds of hours perfecting the perfect model to not only handle large volumes of weight, but also to last for a long time.

Landscaping Hand Truck / Tree Dolly / Cart

The landscaping industry has responded very well to our products because of the versatility and wide range of uses they are finding they can use our product for. All of our models can be equipped with a hitch that works wonderfully with our Hauler. This combination turns your hand truck into a pull-cart that can used for transporting sandbags, concrete, bricks, generators, and just about anything else that you can pull on a cart. We’ve tried to cover all of the basis and make your company more efficient and also create a safer working environment for you and your employees.

Transporting Vending Machines

Moving any type of vending machine can be a tough task depending on what kind of hand trucks and dollies you’re using. Our products are perfect for transporting snack machines, soda machines, ATM machines, and anything else you can think of. Most vending machines weigh in excess of 500 pounds which is no problem for our products to handle.

Moving Heavy Appliances

When you’re moving a refrigerator, washer, dryer, or any other related item, our product is your best choice because of our sturdy design that is built specifically to easily move heavy loads. Hundreds of moving companies have bought from us because our designs are built to last. If you’re a mover and constantly moving around heavy loads, you’ve come to the right place.

Love AZ Hand Trucks ?

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Select Options

Choose from options on frame style and size, base plate configuration, D rings (for strapping) tire design and more.


Not only can you choose equipment options, but can get your hand truck with company colors and logo.

Hitch Configuration
Hitches are easily fabricated
into your custom hand truck.

Accessorize your dolly with precision ball bearings, tie-down “D” rings and more .

Get Extended Base Plates

We can modify the base plate on any dolly to fit your material loads .

Fabrication Expertise

Your custom dolly is fabricated by experienced and knowledgeable staff.

AZ Hand Trucks has 5 standard models to choose from. Or do you have an idea? There’s limitless uses for our products and we pride ourselves on providing solutions for your business.

Have an Idea? Discuss it with our team and see what we can do with it.

Industries served: Landscape, Construction, Handyman, Inflatable’s, medical field, professional sport teams and more.

Do you have clients with pristine lawns and landscape? Our turf tires are just what you need.

We offer 3 colors red, blue and yellow. If you would like it powder coated any other color that’s not a problem just ask and we can quote you a price.

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