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Custom Heavy Duty Dollies for the Inflatable Industry

The needs of the inflatable industry are unique. At AZ Hand Trucks, we have custom dollies that are designed to transport the loads typical within the inflatable rental business. We understand the importance of worker safety and efficiency to keep you running smooth and profitable. A good dolly makes the day a little better for your staff. In the busy go-go atmosphere we operate in, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to wrestle with your dolly to pick up a heavy load at midnight. Give yourself and your workers a bonus and try our custom dollies. We’ve been there and have a first-hand working knowledge of what you deal with on a daily basis. Our dollies make hauling over any terrain less strenuous. Maybe you’ve tried those heavy dollies where your are not only trying to get the dolly up and out, but you are also wishing you had a brake system to help you maneuver your equipment with less effort.

Effortless Inflatable Load Transport

Our dollies make transporting your load effortless and easy. We understand the importance of safety and the attitude of your employees trying to get a heavy load up on a dolly (especially a heavy inflatable bounce house or water slide!). We’ve been there!
Maneuverability through Braking

We began fabricating custom hand trucks when we started our inflatable/party rental business – B.T. Bouncies, LLC. We found that it was difficult to put your foot on the tire and hold the dolly stable while attempting to pull back with a 1,000 pound inflatable. It was frustrating at best. Once the idea of a simple brake system was born, we began the task of fabricating our vision. This brake system is truly one of a kind (patent pending) and easy for anyone to use. Give us a try! Save time and money with dollies designed to transport inflatables.

Depending upon the weight and size of loads you carry, we have a wide selection of dolly configurations that include; choice of base plates, tires configuration, hitches, etc., designed specifically to meet the specific needs of the Inflatable rental Industry.

Custom hand trucks for inflatables